Monthly Archives: June 2012

Love Hurts

My cat, Xander, is an unrepentent biter. If Freud were to examine Xander, he would diagnose him with an oral fixation. And yes, somebody does need to diagnose Xander. Jackson Galaxy, man, come to Chicago! As evidence, I offer the photos below. They were taken after the marauding feline jumped me while walking down the […]

The World’s Best Parents

Tuesday, June 19, 2012, my parents celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. They met when she was temping at the Milwaukee office where he worked. They dated for a few years and were married in 1971. I came along about 2 years later. Since then I’ve seen enough good and bad marriages to know that theirs […]

My DIY Life

Given that I’ve written about residential design and construction for the past 11 years, you would have reason to think I might also have some ability in this area. You would be wrong. I have a great deal of knowledge and I can tell good work from bad, but tools and I do not have […]

Remember to Breathe

Wednesday’s adventure was a jaunt to the fancy-pants new local gym (free guest passes in the mail to drive membership, y’all) to test drive a pilates mat class. Once again, I discovered new forms of pain. Luckily, the instructor reminded us to breathe. Breathing, generally speaking, is the first order of business in this life. […]