Remember to Breathe

Green basketweave tile floor at the gym bathroom.

Fancy-pants gym, like I said. This is the tile floor in the bathroom. No wonder it costs so much more than the Y!

Wednesday’s adventure was a jaunt to the fancy-pants new local gym (free guest passes in the mail to drive membership, y’all) to test drive a pilates mat class. Once again, I discovered new forms of pain. Luckily, the instructor reminded us to breathe.

Breathing, generally speaking, is the first order of business in this life. If you’re not breathing, you’re not capable of much else. And during times of great pain, deep breathing may be the only technique that can help you ride out the distress. Or the stress, as the case may be.

Thursday I found myself confronted with a blast from the career past that immediately threw me into a fit of flustered fluttering. A round of email consultation with two friends and former colleagues resulted in both of them telling me to breathe.

That night at modern dance class, my teacher watched the five of us perform a combination. “OK, that was just marking,” she said. “You’re too tense. Do it again and breathe; you need to let everything swing.”

Three times in two days is a message, not a coincidence. Remember to breathe. Remember to breathe, especially when taking risks that cause physical or mental pain.

Considering that the weekend’s plan is to see if I can replace the toilet seat and install the window air conditioning units myself, and that I am an easily frustrated DIY disaster, I’ll work in some exercise classes too, so the teachers can help me remember to breathe. Sometimes we need that reminder.


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