My DIY Life

Kimberly Sweet installs a faucet

All credit for the successful installation of this faucet goes to the pros at Delta Faucet Company.

Given that I’ve written about residential design and construction for the past 11 years, you would have reason to think I might also have some ability in this area. You would be wrong. I have a great deal of knowledge and I can tell good work from bad, but tools and I do not have a strong working relationship. I’m not even crafty.

The picture at right may seem to indicate otherwise, but I assure you, it was taken at an event organized by Delta Faucet Company. The staff put us in groups of three to install both a basic bathroom faucet and a hands-free Touch2O kitchen faucets. Except that I dislike being crammed into a cabinet, installation went fairly smoothly, although slowly. Also, the product managers kept me from doing anything too dumb.

So when my bathroom sink stopper quit rising and lowering, I peered into the vanity to see what I could see. The lever worked fine. I hadn’t done anything to the stopper. Clearly this was magic beyond my powers. I called a handyman. He fixed it in 30 seconds free of charge, and assured me he could get through the rest of my list the following week.

Measuring a toilet seat width

What, you thought I was kidding?

Feeling shame at this point, I set out today to do the one task he gave me: buy a new toilet seat for the guest bath. First I thought I would remove the old seat and take it to the home improvement store so they could tell me what to get. Then I realized I couldn’t remove it because the rusty screws holding the seat to the lid were too stripped. So I measured it instead, and took photos of my measurements, because that’s how how much I don’t trust myself.

Once at the store, I realized how smart this was, because I had no idea if the seat was elongated or round. After much climbing up and down the scaffolding (not an employee in sight for at least 15 minutes), I found the seat I wanted (American Standard Laurel Molded Wood Round). One left. In an open box, which meant a 50 percent discount. Score! The guy assured me all the parts were inside and showed me how the plastic screws and bolts hold the entire thing on–which made me realize I never needed to remove the metal screws in the first place.

So, after an hour roundtrip to the store, I completed the seat switch-out in maybe 10 minutes. My cat thinks I’m a genius. Everyone else thinks I’m an idiot. My handyman is out a few bucks. Not to worry, I still have a list for him.


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