“6 Innovative Must-Haves for Kitchen Cabinet Drawers” for Cultivate gave me the chance to fantasize about kitchen drawers. Who does that? Short people with lots of cabinets they can’t reach. Drawers sit lower and hold more (especially with the right accessories) than other kinds of cabinets. Also, I really love walnut cabinets, like the vegetable […]

No one, that’s who. My second Countertalk blog post for Cultivate is about farmhouse sinks for your kitchen that fall just a bit outside of the norm. Like this lime green cast-iron model from Kohler. Personally, I’m a big fan of the soapstone sink, though I doubt my ability to ever afford it. Go read […]

Today my first blog post for Cultivate went live. Produced by Williams-Sonoma, this kitchen inspiration website includes great photos and articles and just launched a blog, Countertalk. I’m delighted to be part of it. If you — like Madame Sunday over at ModernSauce — go to showrooms and roll around on tile after falling in love with […]

As a child, I never wrote a letter to be opened by my adult self, whether via a teacher’s mailing or a time capsule or some other means. (At this point I just laugh at my old diaries.) But I’m about to write one for someone else’s child. Two dear friends of mine, married for […]

I’ve been doing some freelance writing and editing of late, and thought I’d share my new work here as it appears. The latest is a piece titled “7 Great Luxury Hunting and Fishing Resorts,” and it appears in Wells Fargo Conversations. While neither wealthy nor sporty, I had great fun researching this article and gaping […]

My cat, Xander, is an unrepentent biter. If Freud were to examine Xander, he would diagnose him with an oral fixation. And yes, somebody does need to diagnose Xander. Jackson Galaxy, man, come to Chicago! As evidence, I offer the photos below. They were taken after the marauding feline jumped me while walking down the […]

Tuesday, June 19, 2012, my parents celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. They met when she was temping at the Milwaukee office where he worked. They dated for a few years and were married in 1971. I came along about 2 years later. Since then I’ve seen enough good and bad marriages to know that theirs […]