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Cultivate.com (Williams-Sonoma)

Clayhaus Ceramics Topo Collection tile

Topo Collection tile from Clayhaus Ceramics.

“10 Tile Companies You Should Know”

You know the big names in tile, like Walker Zanger and Daltile, but there are plenty of small, artisanal tile companies that you should know about too. Not only do they offer beautiful backsplash and flooring options, but shopping from small, local manufacturers helps support regional economies and offers a unique spin for your kitchen’s design.


Wells Fargo Conversations

Stapleford Park, a hunting lodge in England

Stapleford Park in England.

“7 Great Luxury Hunting and Fishing Resorts”

Unforgettable sport destinations from hunting in the American West or the English countryside to fishing on New Zealand rivers or the Pacific Ocean.



How to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

Save dollars with our ideas.

“6 Ways to Curb the Costs of Your Kitchen Remodel”

1. Use affordable options that look like expensive products.
2. Don’t change the layout much.
3. Plan for the worst; hope for the best.
4. Do some of the labor yourself.
5. Save details and decorating for later.
6. Distinguish between needs, wants and wishes.


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